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Experimental study of R152a and R32 to replace R134a in a domestic refrigerator2016-09-19 13:24:05  Quote:

This paper presents an experimental study of R152a and R32, environment-friendly refrigerants with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP), to replace R134a in domestic refrigerator. A refrigerator designed and developed to work with R134a was tested, and its performance using R152a and R32 was evaluated and compared with its performance when R134a was used. The results obtained showed that the design temperature and pull-down time set by International Standard Organisation (ISO) for small refrigerator were achieved earlier using refrigerant R152a and R134a than using R32. The average coefficient of performance (COP) obtained using R152a is 4.7% higher than that of R134a while average COP of R32 is 8.5% lower than that of R134a. The system consumed less energy when R152a was used. The performance of R152a in the domestic refrigerator was constantly better than those of R134a and R32 throughout all the operating conditions, which shows that R152a can be used as replacement for R134a in domestic refrigerator.