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Chengdu Dimax Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Chengdu Dimax Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a large modern chemical enterprise specializing inmanufacturing, researching and exporting high purity fluoro-chemicals, fine chemicals,hydrocarbon chemicals,etc. Its headquarter locates in Sichuan capital Chengdu city, and has two profound manufacturing bases, separately in Qingdao City of Shandong Province and Jinhua city of Zhejiang Province. Our company takes “Science and Technology, Environmental Protection, Internationalization” as development direction and “First-class Technology, First-class Quality, First-class Service, First-class Efficiency” as service tenet.

Product Range 

●  Chloromethane(methane chloride)                ●  methylene chloride(Dichloromethane)

●  Chlorodifluoromethane(R22)                         ●  Tetrafluoroethane (HFC134a),

●  1,1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane(HCFC-141b)      ●  Pentafluoroethane HFC-125,

●  Difluoroethane(HFC-152a)                            ●  Difluoromethane HFC-32,

●Chlorodifluoromethane HCFC-142b               ●trifluoromethane(R23),

●1,1,1-TrifluoroethaneHFC-143a                      ●Mixed refrigerant R410A,

●Mixed refrigerant R407C                                 ●Mixed refrigerant R404A,

●Mixed refrigerant R402A                                 ●Mixed refrigerant R402B,

●Mixed refrigerant R507                                   ●Mixed refrigerant R406a,

●Mixed refrigerant R417A                                 ●Mixed refrigerant R408A,

●Mixed refrigerant R415B                                 ●Mixed refrigerant R422D,

●isobutane (R600a)                                          ●Propane (R290),

●Propylene R1270                                            ●MAPP GAS 

Production Capability

Our company annually yields over 50,000 tons of chloride,100,000 tons of high-purity (99.9%) Fluorinated refrigerant,80,000 tons of hydrocarbon refrigerant and more than 10,000 tons of fine chemical products. Our two manufacturing bases are furnished with verybig storage and refilling warehouses to meet the modern logistic and shipment demands.

Quality Control

we already got ISO14001,ISO 9001,SGS certificate in the past years,.our company  also have strictly Quality controlling system,we have our own laboratary and have Advanced equipment, all our goods are strictly tested before shipment by our equipment and devices in our labs to make sure its purity and quality, we also accept third party’s test report before each shipment at customers’ requirements. 

Technical & Sales Team

Our company invites several petrochemical engineering and refrigerant experts at home and abroad as our technical adviser, and introduces a lot of professional technical talents in various fields.

In the marketing, our sales team always insist the rules of Team-Cooperation, Timely Report, Right-away Response and professional knowledge to cooperate with customers home and abroad, and our sales director has 10 years of refrigeration and chemical export experience to ensure the perfect solutions for all occurring situations in business. 

Main Market

At the co-work of our sales team and technical team, now we are selling our products to European market such as italy,France and England;South American market such as Mexico,Brazil,Colombia; Asia market such as Japan,Malaysia,The People's Republic of Bangladesh and some African country. 

We adhere to the philosophy of Green chemical, anchor in the sustainability strategy and service one-stop solution for green chemical industry. We will be a key carrier of raw material in the fundamental fluorine chemical industry, and a supplier for hydrocarbon chemical and functional products which focus on chemical. We will create value- adding opportunity to all our cooperators. Surely Surely we will be your trustworthy partner in our mutual growth of business.



Our Values

To Maximum customers' satisfaction, partners' interests and staff's values.

Fighting- endurably do all the efforts to realize our goals

Practice- Less talking, more practices, less thinking, more doing.

Hard Working-Treat jobs as one's life business.

Devotion- To devote before getting paid.

Developing- originates from loyalty and responsibilities.

Creation- Praize staff's cration spirits, creations accompany with value.

Competition-Compete with competitors, compete with oneself, quick response and quick action.

Team Work- Team works better than single persons.

Our Spirits

Endeavor to develop Dimax into a "Marketized, Industralized and Internationalized "Group Corporation.

To Build Group Corporation by Marketization,Deepening Reform, Stregthening Management and Team Build-up,so as to Creat Brand and culticate corporal cultures.

Our Goal